Child Adoption

First, an adoption begins with the parental rights of at least one of the birth parents must be terminated by court order.

Second, a party must file a petition for adoption.

Please Note: If the petitioner is married then both the husband and wife must agree to the adoption. In Texas, the statute also requires that a child must live with the adoptive parents for at least six months. Usually, the Court will appoint an ad litem attorney to represent the child’s best interest and a social study, background check, and criminal history check of the adoptive parents is required.

Third, prior to the finalization of an adoption, the following must be on file with the Court by the adoptive parents- the termination suit completed social study report. Fourth, unless the adoption is a stepparent adoption, a health, social, education, and genetic history report of the child must also be prepared and placed on file with the Court.

Finally, after the completion of all requirements a hearing can be held. During this proceeding, the court will determine if it is in the best interest of the child to be adopted by the petitioners.