Choosing the Right Attorney

It’s important to choose the right attorney. You must ensure your attorney is knowledgeable and understands your legal need. You deserve a lawyer who can represent you well and one who gets results. We will vigorously represent you in all court proceedings, and provide you with the service and representation you deserve.

Shirley A. Mitchell Law Firm PC is a full-service family law firm located in Downtown Houston, serving clients throughout Harris County and surrounding areas, who require representation for cases related to child welfare (CPS/DFPS), child custody, divorce decree modifications, grandparents’ rights, child adoption, court ordered enforcements, mediation and guardianship proceedings.

We treat every client with respect and attention, and work to ensure your family’s continue prosperity.

Child Custody

Under the Family Code “conservatorship” or “custody” means the right a parent has to make certain decisions relating to their child. The Court or the parties by agreement will include the right to determine where the child lives, the right to determine where the child goes to school and to make other educational decisions for the child, the right to consent to certain medical procedures, and other specific rights, as set out in the Texas Family Code.

We represent clients in Harris County and surrounding communities in Texas.

Child Welfare

When a child is placed outside the home by child protective services, custody is transferred from the parent to a State agency like the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) under the jurisdiction of a State court. State laws require the development of a case plan outlining services that must be provided to the family to address the problems that led to the child’s placement. Laws also address requirements for periodic case reviews, grounds for termination of parental rights, and other placement issues.

Divorce Decree Modifications

Generally, a person can request a modification of an order if there has been a significant change in the circumstances of the parties or of the child. In Texas, any individual that is affected an existing order may request to modify a prior custody, child support or visitation ruling by filing a petition in the court that previously entered the order concerning the children.

We will leverage our experience and expertise to make your family whole again.

Grandparent’s Rights

Under certain circumstances, Texas law does allow a grandparent to file a petition for visitation rights with a grandchild. A grandparent must overcome the presumption that the parent is acting in the best interest of the child and that denial of visitation with the grandchild would significantly impair the grandchild’s physical health and emotional well-being.

Let us stand by you; You and your family are not alone in this journey.

Child Adoption

Adoption is a process whereby a person assumes the of another, usually a child, from that person’s biological or legal parent or parents. Legal adoptions permanently transfer all and responsibilities, along with, from the biological parents to the adoptive parents.

Mediation Services

Whether you are involved in a divorce proceeding or attempting to modify an existing court order, I can mediate your case for you. I am not only a certified mediator but also an attorney familiar with the family law statutes and guidelines. So, I can mediate various family matters such as property disputes, conservatorship, child support, possession, and access.

Court Ordered Enforcement

An enforcement is a proceeding filed against an individual that is not in compliance with a court order.

An order can be enforced by requesting that a Court hold the violator in contempt of court. A person found to have violated the court order may be fined and/or placed in jail for violating the order.

Protective Orders

A protective order is a court order issued to protect victims of family violence and dating violence. “Family violence” is an action or the threat of an action by a member of a “family” or “household” against another member of the “family” or “household” that is intended to cause physical harm, bodily injury, physical assault or sexual assault or reasonable fear of such action. Abuse toward a child of the family or household and dating violence are also “family violence.”

Name Change Petition

If you are seeking a divorce you may request a name change in your petition without having to pay an additional fee. If you are seeking a name change separate and apart from a divorce proceeding then you must file a petition with the Court and pay all required fees.