Child Support

Child support is generally set according to a formula set forth by statute. Under Texas law, child support is mandatory unless the Court determines that the statutory guidelines would not be proper.
  • The percentages are as follows:
  • 20% of net resources for 1 child
  • 25% of net resources for 2 children
  • 30% of net resources for 3 children
  • 35% of net resources for 4 children
  • 40% of net resources for 5 children
  • Not less than 40% for 6 or more children.
Please note that the net income of an individual includes wages or salary, commissions, overtime, tips, bonuses, dividend income, self-employment income, net rental income, severance pay, retirement benefits, pensions, trust income, annuities, capital gains, social security benefits, unemployment benefits, interest income, gifts, prizes, spousal maintenance, and alimony.

To determine the net resources of a person, the court will calculate the total amount of money received from all resources and will allow deductions for social security taxes, federal taxes using only one deduction, state income tax, union dues.

The court will also allow a reduction or discount to the parent paying child support for other children not before the Court, which the party is responsible for supporting. The court may also consider additional factors when calculating a child support amount- these reasons should be discussed with your lawyer.

In addition, the Court will order health insurance to be provided for the child. The parent paying child support is generally the parent ordered to provide health insurance for the child. The statute will also allow a deduction for the cost of the child’s health insurance for the parent insuring the child. In most cases, both parents share the cost of uninsured medical expenses not covered by the medical coverage.

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